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Forest Villa

Our first project - started with the idea of a modest workshop would turn out to be a lovely forest straw house for Petyo and his family. He did not let his lack of building experience stop him from realizing his dream for a forest straw house. Relying on good friends' help and his own muscles, he was able to successfully fulfill the project and share these wonderful pictures with us.

Straw Modules House

Total built-up area of 280 sq. m - This was a challenging project. We had to jump in and help the family with securing a constructor and assist with the overall process. The house is meant for a permanent residence - a family home for the clients. It was crucial to complete it within a reasonable deadline and to help them hire a trustworthy construction team.

mountain retreat

In the skirts of Rila above a valley formed by three mountains, our customers, who later became our friends, built two houses using our panels. After a couple of days we spent onsite to help them get started, they are now hooked on wood and clay forever.

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